Add Contextual information for Advanced Forums in Joule Grader

Idea created by mt40713 on Feb 6, 2018
    Under review

    We are finding that important contextual information is missing when you use Joule Grader to grade Advanced Forums. As an example, when Student 1 (William Appletree in the screenshots below) creates a new post and receives responses from other participants.


    advanced forum context.png

    You can only see Student 1's post in Joule Grader. Responses to Student 1's post is not viewable. Missing information (example such as class reactions to the post) is helpful for the instructor to gauge how Student 1's posting.



    Joule Grader looks even more confusing when you attempt to mark Student 2 (Joshua Cherrytree in the screenshot below) especially if the student is responding to the posts that is not displayed in the Joule Grader window.



    Product Version (if applicable):0