class calendar display on class site homepage

Idea created by wilchv on Feb 3, 2018
    Under review

    I have used Desire2Learn software before.  There is one feature that it has that I very much miss -- a class calendar display on the class site's homepage.  There I could create a class-unique calendar.  This would display on the class site's homepage, although not the whole semester's calendar at a time, but what was relevant for the next 7 or so days ahead -- what was due, tests scheduled, etc., thus bringing important dates to their attention shortly before they were going to occur.  There were also options within calendar/date-relevant items such as tests to display them on this calendar -- thus, I didn't have to create my own item for these things -- the software would.  Thus, for example, with your software, the Display Date Until option within the Test Options could have another checkbox to display that date on the calendar.  There was also an area where I could create calendar items for things not covered by the options I mentioned -- for example, paper due dates, etc.

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