Misleading information about drag-and-drop for 'Insert/Edit Image' and 'Insert/Edit Embedded Media' in Content Editor

Idea created by goh.ian on Feb 2, 2018
    Under review

    An instructor noticed that when she clicks the 'insert/edit image' icon in the Blackboard Content Editor, a message is displayed saying that you can 'drag an image from your computer...' She took that to mean that you can drag and drop an image onto that screen, which you cannot.

    Current text:

    You can drag a file from your computer to the Attach File Area or use the browse functions. Files are saved in the top-level folder in your course's file repository. If you want to email a link to an uploaded file, use the file's permanent URL in the repository.

    Product Enhancement:


    More appropriate verbiage, or add the Attach File Area to the 'Insert/Edit Image' and 'Insert/Edit Embedded Media' screens (similar to Insert Content Link)

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