Mirror Moodlerooms Database on AWS to give 3rd parties direct access

Idea created by pablo.borbon on Feb 2, 2018
    Under review

    Idea posted on behalf of our friend Mike Agostinelli from Montana Digital Academy


    The Problem: The current Webservice API for companies, like GeniusSIS, does not meet the evolving data needs of organizations. If an organization needs additional data that is not currently pulled in an existing webservice, the option is to pay for development or go without. This is often unrealistic or time/cost prohibative.


    The Possible Solution: Using AWS RDS Multi-AZ Deployments would allow third parties, like GeniusSIS, to access a real time mirrored version of the production database to pull reports, grades, and activity data in real time. This would remove the need to have a webservice and free up time for developers at Moodlerooms and 3rd parties working on a service that will constantly be behind organizations needs.

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