Retention Center Enhancements

Idea created by sw0054172 on Feb 2, 2018
    Under review

    Description: We are running a pilot project to evaluate best practices for using the Retention Center at our institution. We have 2 areas where we feel the tool could be improved.

    1. Customize Default Messages for Each Category: the ability to provide customized default messages that are generated when a rule is triggered would be helpful. We realize the message can be overridden when being sent, but that is a lot of cutting and pasting every time an instructor sends a message.

    2. Exclude Default Columns From Risk Table: a default rule can be excluded from the risk table or deleted outright, but the column still remains in the risk table with a heading prompting users to restore the default settings. Sometimes those default rules are not relevant and are just cluttering up the view. It would be helpful to be able to edit the risk table and remove default rules that do not apply or more simply, have the risk table accurately mirror the rules that have been made active.

    Product Version (if applicable):0