Automatically update the menu when you enroll in the course.

Idea created by ij0054235 on Feb 2, 2018
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    We've identified that when users enroll for a course, some options are not automatically released.



    We've created a video demonstrating how the problem is occurring.






    In the video we used bbsupport02 and we enrolled the user with the EAD profile.



    When we enter the course, the Assessment, Customization, and Packages and Utilities options are not displayed due to the privileges of the Course-EAD Adminsitrator system profile.



    When we enroll using the EAD (Course Function) profile, the Assessment, Customization and Packages and Utilities options should be released at the time of enrollment confirmation. but this does not occur.



    For these options to be released, the user is having to use the Refresh button.



    This problem also occurs when the user removes the course enrollment, and the Evaluation, Customization, and Packages and Utilities options continue to appear.



    For that reason, we would like to give you an idea.



    Each time a user enroll to the Users path within the course, the page is updated, the information is already released, or in case of withdrawal, the options are also removed.



    Best regards, Iwan

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