"Activity graded" should respect assignment notification settings

Idea created by mt40713 on Jan 29, 2018
    Under review

    Assignment grade and feedback notification are currently handled differently where:


    1) if "Notify students" is selected during grading and the recipient has turned on "Assignment notifications"

    The student will receive an email with the subject

    "<nameofgrader> has given feedback for assignment <assignmentname>"


    2) if the student has turned on "Activity graded" in their personal notification preferences, the student will receive an email with the subject

    "<assignmentname> graded"

    Note: This notification is not part of the assignment module and is not controlled by the "Notify students" option.


    Since students want to be informed when they receive a grade, the "Activity graded" is most often set as the default in their personal notification preferences. Because of this, students will receive an "Activity graded" email even when the instructor deselects "notify students" in the assignment settings. The "activity graded" setting also ignores the assignment's visibility status and still sends an "activity graded" email if a grade is provided when the assignment is hidden.


    While the "activity graded" email does not expose the grades to the students, the release of the email causes grievances to both instructor (not ready to release the grade) and the student (receiving an incomplete grade).


    Because of this, the "Activity graded" settings should respect the "notify students" settings and assignment visibility settings so the "activity graded" emails are withheld when:


    a. the assignment is hidden and/or

    b. when the "notify students" option is deselected in the assignment.

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