"VerifyIndex utility" to safely remove "Orphaned files" in CMS.

Idea created by t.ideura on Jan 29, 2018
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    I need "VerifyIndex utility" for CMS inside of Learn.


    When Blackboard Learn fails indexing sometime, garbage file is remained as "Orphaned files" in the parsing folder.

    Then the system send an alert e-mail to remove them by using "VerifyIndex utility".


    Like as below.

    Dear Administrator,

    this alert is automatically sent by the Web File Server (IP: bb1) at 18/01/26 12:44.

    This alert was sent immediately after the event occurred.

    If the same type of alert happens during 1 days it will only be logged but not sent by e-mail.

    You should examine the log files for more details and other possible occurrences of this event.

    The event could be found in the system log using following identifier XAL-3284509.

    Event ID: XAL-3284509

    Event Description: Orphaned files from parsing found.

    Details: There were 6 files found in /usr/local/blackboard/content/cms_index_dir/xyparsed folder which by 6 exceeds allowed maximum,

    some of them may no longer be associated with an indexing request and can be safely deleted.

    To safely remove them run VerifyIndex utility with fixorphans option.


    But actually, "VerifyIndex utility" is not installed into Blackboard Learn.

    Though "VerifyIndex utility" is a part of tools of Xythos WFS (runs as CMS inside of Learn), the tool is not included into Learn.


    So these orphaned files have to be removed manually.

    This is not safe way, so I need "VerifyIndex utility" also for the CMS of Learn.



    Tetsushi Ideura

    Product Version (if applicable):0