Self and Peer Assessment -> grade accuracy of student review

Idea created by smachaje on Jan 28, 2018
    Under review

    The Self and Peer Assessment feature in Blackboard works, but it is missing an important feature.  After the average grade for the assessed peer is calculated, the students who graded peers should receive a second grade for the accuracy of their grading.  Student would end up with a grade on the assignment, and on their grading itself. 


    The grade for the review process would be calculated based on a triangulation of the average.  Given that at least 3 students grade each assignment, the average of grade is calculated, and then the percentage of deviation for each student.  This way, if two students grade an assignment at 100% and the third at 30%, the third student would receive a lower grade.  If all three students grade at 100%, they all receive full grade for the review.

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