Personalized Learning Designer: Rule Action, Custom User Token

Idea created by lh0069636 on Jan 27, 2018
    Under review

    Our organization needs to have a fully automated course, and for security reasons and data storage, we must have users take a final course evaluation outside of blackboard, on our own database. To securely link the users from blackboard to our database, we want to direct them with a unique link generated in their course completion email from the PLD. To create this unique link, we need to be able to add a user token for their ID number that is created in our enrollment process and stored with their user data.


    I would be great if the PLD tokens to add to emails were more customizable and allowed us to select which parts of he user data we want to use besides just first and last name. Please consider this as it would greatly help our team in the automation process!


    Thank you,

    Leia Hutfles

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