Full Grade Centre Row Height & # of Rows Displayed

Idea created by nilmani on Jan 26, 2018
    Under review

    a) With the updated BB9 (as installed in our eLearning system), the Full Grade Center now shows rows with huge row heights. Is there any way to reduce the row height so that more rows could be displayed on screen? I can easily view 30-35 student data rows on my 24" monitor if the row height can be adjusted.


    b) By default only 10 rows are displayed. I want more rows to display by default. If I edit it to, say, 30, it doesn't retain the value between course changes or between BB/eLearning logins, it goes back to 10. This is very annoying and frustrating. Is there any way to increase the default rows displayed from 10 to say 30?



    Product Version (if applicable):0