Improve Collaborate Ultra >> Create Session's date and time-zones for intergrations to Bb Learn

Idea created by md0051827 on Jan 24, 2018
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    In our institution we have Bb Collaborate Ultra integrated to Bb Learn via the Building Block (B2). We also still use Bb Collaborate Original Experience also via a B2.

    One thing we have noticed with Collaborate Ultra is that when an instructor/lecturer creates a Collaborate Ultra Session and they are located in a different timezone to what our Bb Learn environment is set to they have to remember to adjust the session start times to match the time of the Bb Learn environment. E.g. If an instructor/lecturer located in Eastern USA (UTC-5:00) is delivering a session to our students in Darwin, Australia (UTC+9:30) for 4:00pm, they will need to set the session to start at 1:30AM.

    Collaborate Ultra creates the session start times based off your location. Which is fine when you are in the same timezone or if you are not using Ultra within Bb Learn (non-integrated).

    This is the complete opposite behaviour to other integrations such as Collaborate Original Experience. When an instructor/lecturer creates any other content within Bb Learn (including Collaborate Original Experience sessions) the date and time is of the Bb Learn environment.

    This has caused confusion to students if they see a Collaborate Ultra session starting early in the morning instead of during the day or evening.

    Note: This is only an issue for the creation of sessions. For users participating there are no issues as it is ideal to display the time for their timezone.



    Idea 1. If Collaborate Ultra is to be used via integration into Bb Learn then there should be consistency from a user's point of view. That the date and time set for integrated products within Bb Learn will always be set for the date and time for Bb Learn. This would be ideally be automated but here are some other ideas...

    Idea 2. Have an option within to Collaborate Ultra B2 to select whether your integration uses the LMS's date and time or individual's time and date for session creation.

    Idea 3. Within the "Create Session" A message stating what time-zone the user is in and states you may need to adjust accordingly.

    Idea 4. Within the "Create Session" there is an additional field for time-zone. Please refer to mock-up below.




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