Allow long course IDs to wrap/fully display in the course search page (not truncated)

Idea created by md0051827 on Jan 22, 2018
    Under review

    Since moving to the newer Bb Learn 2016 theme as a user with the System Administrator role if you go to the Course page (System Admin >> Courses) and search for a course which has more than 24 characters the course ID is truncated. Bb Learn 9.1 allows for course IDs to be a maximum of 100 character so why can't this be visible within the system admin course search. Ideally this is a feature an administrator would use to compare similar course IDs. Which is not possible now from the GUI. 



    The simple idea would to have the course ID wrap just like what is done with the Course Name. Refer to the screen-shots below.



    Product Version (if applicable):0