Adaptive release for course tools

Idea created by js0056397 on Jan 22, 2018
    Under review

    We would like to suggest the implementation of adaptive release on a course tool level, as oppose to now when adaptive release can only be set on link or folder level.

    Since the available tools to allow for students to read each others assignments are unfortunately subpar, we've opted to suggest for our teachers to use the blog or journal tool to facilitate this.


    In some courses the teachers do not want the different seminar groups to be able to see each others assignments. It could for example be because one group have their seminar on Tuesdays and another has their seminar on Thursday.


    We've solved the access problem with using adaptive release on folders and the blog/journal links. However, we've come to realize that this falsely portraits the image that members in group cannot see the posts from another group.


    Even if you have adaptive release on a link to a journal, users can still navigate to all blogs/journals using the breadcrumbs. See example here:


    Picture 1. Two blogs created, Blog 1 with adaptive release set to only allow members in group 1 to see it, Blog 2 to allow members in group 2 to see it.

    Picture 2. Student preview, student is a member of group 1 and can therefore only see Blog 1. So far, so good.

    Picture 3. Inside Blog 1, notice the breadcrumbs

    Picture 4. After clicking on "Blogs" in the breadcrumbs, ALL blogs in the course is fully visible for the student, although (the link to) Blog 2 has adaptive release set to a membership that this student does not have.

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