My Cabinet

Idea created by kl29703 on Jan 19, 2018
    Under review

    It would be nice if Blackboard offered a tool similar to the locker tool in Desire2Learn. The cabinet is an area in the LMS that is behind the scenes so only the person logged into his/her course can view and access it unless they change the permissions to allow classmates to view it. Use the Cabinet tool to upload and store files in the Learning Environment. Cabinet enables you to upload files from your PC, or to create new HTML files. Files in your personal locker are kept private, though your institution might provide the option for you to make files public. The cabinet will serve similar to a USB for your course, they are files that you may use in the future but not sure as of yet so you store them in the course however they are not part of the course shell so students and other instructors cannot see or access your cabinet.

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