Grade Centre: consistently display most recent attempt by default

Idea created by ds_juliun on Jan 18, 2018
    Under review

    There are currently a variety of ways to access and navigate between assessment submissions/attempts. For example users can use Full Grade Centre, Needs Grading, utilise a Smart View, use the navigation bar on the Grade Assignment page etc. etc.


    This in itself is not problematic. However some of these methods (e.g. using Needs Grading and navigating through students by marking successively from 'A to Z') will default to previewing the most recent attempt. Others, such as Full Grade Centre, do so only for the initial student accessed but not for any subsequent students' work.


    Many institutions (in the UK at least) allow their students to submit more than once up to their agreed assessment deadline, meaning more than one attempt can potentially be received in Bb.


    This view of students' work - one which defaults to previewing the most recent attempt - should 'follow' the user through Grade Centre when initially accessing and marking successive students. This should be the case irrespective of how the user is accessing/navigating. This not only delivers a consistent user experience but prevents accidental marking of attempts other than that submitted most recently, something that causes deep frustration on the part of tightly work-planned staff.

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