Wimba Suite Replacement

Idea created by as0045587 on Jan 16, 2018
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    When the old Wimba Suite reached its end of life a couple of years ago, we investigated the use of VoiceThread to see if it was an effective replacement. Unfortunately, this investigation deemed that it wasn’t. I went to the Roadshow that took place in Manchester recently and there was talk of adding audio/video and video assignments and possibly in tests too. They mentioned that this maybe release for the Q2 2018 version. I have been asked by people in the faculty that was most affected by Wimba  to pass on their requirements and ask you if what Blackboard are working will match them. Please see below.


    Must have/must do



    True voice discussion board:

    • Audio authoring for staff
    • Audio authoring for students
    • Ability for tutor to provide feedback (textual and audio) on student posts
    • Individual post to be identifiable by name
    • Ability for students to respond/feedback on tutor or other students’ posts (textual and audio)
    • Ability to add written comments to an audio e.g. to provide supporting information/notes to a voice recording


    Staff to be able to hold asynchronous oral conversations with individual students where so required with privacy option (discussion not accessible to other students)


    • Ability for voice board to start with an initial contribution by tutor e.g. setting a task
    • Ability for tutor to set up groups within a voice board


    Assessment capability:

    • Students to complete assignment within Bb
    • Ability to set up an voice task with student anonymity setting - anonymous post or alias option available
    • Ability for students to record offline (e.g. using their phones) and submit/upload recording to Bb
    • Ability for tutor to grade recordings and provide feedback)
    • Ability for tutor to mark offline and feedback offline via manually uploaded of feedback to Blackboard or auto-synch device
    • Adaptive release for oral examinations


    Version control: Mechanism to prevent students submitting multiple version of an assignment including ability to identify final version.



    Ease of use for staff and students i.e. no need to train students or staff to be able to use the tool (record, play, respond, navigate posts)



    intuitive display and organisation of audio post i.e. thread headings/threaded structure, hierarchical connection between posts and replies to posts; organisation of separate discussions for different topics. Such threaded structure facilitates tutor input/feedback



    • Tool integrated within or easily accessible from the VLE i.e. ability to set up an assignment directly within Bb
    • Quick to load
    • Tool to work well across platforms: PCs, Macs, desktop and mobile devices
    • No Java or browser issues (Voice board struggled with browsers moving away from Java)
    • Responsive design so that it works well in small screens


    Should have/should do




    Ability to roll forward voice activities to future years – without having to re-create activities from scratch.

    Ability for staff/student to re-record multiple times and select a final version



    •    Single location for all recordings to allow easy archiving/downloading



    Interface: Text and audio to be displayed simultaneously.



    Could do/nice to have




    • Toggle between private and public: ability to switch between private and open debate setting in any given voice board
    • Ability to author and post video as well as audio to a voice board
    • Ability to attach files to individual posts
    • Setting to allow for notification system to alert students/staff to new posts e.g. daily, weekly digest, no notification option)
    • Editing suite-type environment: ability to compare two recordings on screen e.g. tutor saying a new word, students own recording of new word
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