Single action to apply to multiple items

Idea created by millsm on Jan 9, 2018
    Under review

    I frequently mass-copy course material from a previous course to a current course.  However, I don't want all the items from the previous course to be immediately available to students in the current course (e.g., the final exam review page).  I currently have to do this one-at-a-time by editing each item and making it unavailable.


    It would be nice to have a page that lists all the items in a particular content area, then the instructor could select all/multiple items and apply the same action to these items.  In my case, I would like to make most of the items unavailable to students.  However, I could also see deleting multiple items that would not be useful for students in the current course.  Again, I currently have to do this one-at-a-time.

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