Search API to Search through Course content & materials

Idea created by andrea.barrett on Jan 5, 2018
    Under review

    We are looking to integrate our Curriculum Management System with Black Board and wondering, if BB could provide us with a Search web API, that would enable us to search through our blackboard content and course materials uploaded by our school faculty. I see already that there are APIs to get the Course content and course materials and attachments but using them, I can download them, persist them on our end and implement search. But this would mean that additional disk space, redundant data being replicated at my end.

    Since most of the APIs are already available, a search API wrapper shouldn't be a difficult thing to do. Also, a small suggestion would be to include,

    1. search through meta data (keywords,course title, course desc etc)

    2. if the course materials are indexed, search through the indexed words..:-)

    Surprised that no one in the community has suggested this already!!

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