Blackboard Course Copy Limitations

Idea created by dh35721 on Jan 2, 2018
    Under review

    Good Morning,


    I would like to suggest that Blackboard create or provision a method for the system to limit Blackboard course copy requests into a single course shell to 1 at a time. Subsequent requests would not be allowed to start until the first completes.


    As a problem example - currently, we have many departments and programs that create course templates. They then copy those course templates into course section shells at the beginning of each semester.  Where the problem begins is that many of these departments or programs may have a number of different individuals that manage the courses.  We frequently get multiple people copying content into a single course shell (right hand not talking to the left?), or another situation that occurs is that the course copy "takes too long" and the faculty will resubmit a copy request.


    Currently, all the requests are queued as background processes and completed as resources are available.  Unfortunately, subsequent copy requests are queued and eventually processed so, at the end, the course shell will have multiple copies of content with no easy way to clean out duplicates. (we are told there is no automated way to do this and manual intervention is highly manpower intensive)


    If the system could look at queued course copy requests and not allow duplicates to be created (reject subsequent requests until the initial request has completed) this will keep faculty from shooting themselves in the foot.

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