Make a few Private Bb APIs Public

Idea created by becker01 on Dec 20, 2017
    Under review

    There are some private Blackboard API's that are not documented and are therefore are considered to be private. With the ULTRA theme only available on SaaS and many organisations (mine included) looking to move to this new environment in the short to medium term, it would be helpful if there were a few specific Blackboard API's that were added to the Public API documentation.


    As Public API's are protected then to avoid adverse changes to Building Block implementations, please could the following API's be made Public:


    For making Connections to the Blackboard Database to extract information from tables where a public API is not available:





    For creating and using local custom tables created in the schema to store dynamic and static building block settings, as advised in the Blackboard BBDN Schema example given on GitHub  especially the following.





    With the proposed removal of the shared content areas at some point in the future, and my institutions extensive use of B2 settings, we will be refactoring our code to work with custom data tables and would prefer to use public API's - reducing our technical debt of moving to SaaS in future years.



    Thank you.

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