Add Optical Character Recognition to DirectSubmit/SafeAssign

Idea created by mh21485 on Dec 18, 2017
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    I realize this is an edge case, but bare with me....We have some face-to-face English courses at my institution where the instructor wants students to turn in hard-copy printed papers to them in person, but the instructor also wants the ability to evaluate the hard-copies for plagiarism using SafeAssign. To me, the logical solution would be for the instructor to also require students to submit the paper electronically in Blackboard and evaluate a .docx file with SafeAssign. But in this case, the instructors want to control the submission process themselves by scanning the hard-copy papers to PDF and them upload them with the DirectSubmit feature of SafeAssign.  However, the scanned papers cannot be evaluated because SafeAssign cannot detect text characters in scanned photo-images. The SA report yields a 0% match and displays no matching text.


    Would it be possible to add optical character recognition to SafeAssign/DirectSubmit to pick up text content from scanned PDFs or images for originality?


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