Collaborate Email Notifications Urgent Need for Usability

Idea created by sennott on Dec 13, 2017
    Under review

    As an administrator, I want to be able to control the timing and frequency of the notification emails, so that I can easily administrate the coordination of the web based meetings. Or in other words people need reminders!  We're completely overloaded and need tools for automating remembering things.   


    Optionally, as a participant, I want to select from a range of notification options that have been time tested (such as one week out, 48 hours, and day of) so that I can choose what feedback/ notifications I get. Does that make sense? Can you submit that or is there a place where I should do that to Blackboard?


    A third alternative would be a very slick calendar integration process. 


    This seems like a terrific new feature that would be relatively easy to implement given:


    1.  you already have email notifications for first invite.

    2.  You have form field tools for numbers, dates, etc. 


    Thanks for considering this important usability need that would make the tool much more functional for us here at Portland State University.


    Product Version (if applicable):1