Get Rid of Force Completion!

Idea created by christala on Dec 10, 2017
    Under review

    We have tried many times to find a way to take the option for Force Completion off test options, but we can't. Typically what teachers think they are doing when they click this option is Auto Submit. Force completion SOUNDS like something they want - finishing in one sitting - but what it REALLY means is that if the internet cuts out for half a second (which is extremely common), the test submits. If the test settings are to show all the questions at one time, the student may keep taking the test for a long time and receive an error at the end because nothing saved.


    Solutions: At a minimum, revise the explanation text to clarify to instructors what that feature does.

    What I would really like is the option for administrators to remove that option.


    I would blame our Netflix culture to some extent for the misunderstanding of this issue. We are used to a "stream" that makes us think our internet is better than it is. If Blackboard wants to keep the Force Completion option, it needs to adopt a "streaming" model that will prevent internet glitches from submitting tests.

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