Do Students View Feedback?

Idea created by christala on Dec 10, 2017
    Under review

    I would like a way for instructors to know whether students have opened the feedback they've given. So much time is spent in giving students feedback, and often, students do not look at it. I would like a way for instructors to know this.

    At a minimum, there could be a report available to instructors. It could be addressed with the retention center. In my dream world, there would be something at a glance in the grade center. For example, once grades are submitted the grade appears in the grade center. Perhaps after a student views the feedback, the color of the grade could be changed, or a box put around the grade.

    This would help with instructors knowing why some students may not be improving so that they can talk to those students about it. They could also work with advisors and retentions specialists to address a need with that student.

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