Incorporate Tagging Functionality into Course Search (Snap)

Idea created by st37947 on Dec 6, 2017
    Under review

    The course search is a great way for students to quickly find the resources they are looking for within a course.  The only downside to the search is that it only picks up the name of the resource - it doesn't factor in description, tags, or anything else.  So if the student doesn't know the exact title of the resource while searching, they may not find it.  Also, it is very common for us to have a video titled one thing ("Financial Statement Analysis"), but it actually covers several different topics but only what is in the title will be searchable.  This makes it impractical for students to try and search the course by topics they want to brush up on. 


    It would be great if tagging was picked up by the course search to solve this issue.  As an org, we can spend the time properly tagging all of our videos (and other assets) with the content covered within to make it easier for students to find the right content.  Our courses are pretty resource heavy so I think this would be really helpful for students.  I've been told by MR support that this functionality will be available once global search is out, but interested to hear if this can be done with course search or if there is any interest in doing so. 

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