Private Message Page Update

Idea created by kathryn on Dec 3, 2017
    Under review

    @If a student asks me a question, Professor of Macroeconomics, Corporate Finance or Pers Finance, there are times I want to go back and review the status of the student.

    If they are asking for extra time to submit a written critical thinking assignment, I want to double check if they've already asked for a time extension this semester.. it makes a difference in my decision.. a "repeat asking for a favor" student!

    BUT when I click on PREVIOUS PAGES in Private Messages...  I sometimes forget to "reset" the page back to to #1 at the bottom of the Private Messages area.

    The next day, when simply clicking on Private Messages, without re setting it back to Page #1 at the bottom of the area, I can miss NEW and IMPORTANT and CURRENT student messages.  It's happened to me MORE THAN ONCE.

    Can the PAGE be "auto reset" to PAGE 1, after a day or so, when you've manually requested Page 4, Page 5 etc..?

    This is a good question and worth developer's time.

    Professor Kathryn L. Brownell

    Product Version (if applicable):0