Allow Header Logo to have variable targets

Idea created by jb28572 on Nov 27, 2017
    Under review

    The theme controls in Learn allow an admin to upload a custom logo to appear in the top left of Drexel Learn and set a destination for where that link should point.  This link is set as target=_blank and there are no controls for this.


    Because of this, the behavior is weird if we use that link to point to our Learn site (i.e. the home tab).  Pointing to the Learn homepage is ideal, since taking you to the root home page is the expected behavior when you click on a header image (like it does here at Blackboard Community).  However, web conventions essentially state that if your link is going to go to another site, then target=_blank makes sense, but if your link is on the same site, then it should not pop a new window or tab.


    There are a few ways this fix could be implemented.  The simplest would be on the theming page (where we upload the logo and set the site), allow us to also pick the target of the link.

    Another option would be to detect the base url of the link and if it matches the server's url, then automatically set it to target=_self

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