Hidden Grade Centre Columns Should Not Count Towards the Total Column

Idea created by kevinoconnor on Nov 24, 2017
    Under review

    In the Grade Centre, if an instructor hides the column for an assessment, the result still feeds into the total column and a student can work out what their grade was for the assessment based on the total column.


    This causes a lot of issues as instructors often believe that if a column is hidden, students cannot view their score (or work it out based on the Total). This can lead to disputes if a student sees what the instructor believes to be a provisional, hidden grade.


    The process of having to also hide the total column is confusing and for some reason for the Total Column instructors have to select 'Edit Column Information -> Show this Column to Students: No' rather than being able to click 'Hide from Students (on/off)'


    Suggested Solution:

    It would be more logical and intuitive if  grades in a hidden column did not feed into the Total Column by default.

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