Rubrics percent range improvement

Idea created by marco.dalessio on Nov 24, 2017
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    The Problem

    When I try to setup a rubric with percent range, everything looks fine. I can establish 3 weighted components, and a percent range for each component.


    However when it comes to make an assessment, the rubrics change dramatically, to the point that it requires training for Faculty to use it, because it adjusts all weights and points and makes use of decimals. The math works, but it looks odd and requires a learning curve:


    I asked a question to the Community, and Farid suggested that because currently isn't an alternative to this system, I should go and submit this as an idea for improvement. Wade Weichel might remember I talked to him at the Product roadshow last week about this :-)


    Suggested Solution

    I suggest that Faculty see the rubrics with percent range in the exact same way I see them when I set them up. That way the ranges will stay the same for each weighted component, regardless of its weight. When Faculty is happy and clicks on Submit, then Bb makes the math and shows the correct, final score.


    This is pretty much a visualisation issue. However it does make a big difference and hopefully isn't too big a deal to implement.


    Thanks in advance!

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