Make it easier to show items or not

Idea created by mia.park on Nov 17, 2017
    Under review

    I have used blackboard for 4 years now and am chronically frustrated by these two things:

    1) not having the capacity to make an item/file/assignment etc available to students or not using the chevron option - but rather having to click edit, scroll to bottom and click the option, then click submit. I should only need to click one thing in stead of 4 things. Provide me with a dialogue box that says, are you sure you want to to do that! At least that is only two clicks.

    2) having to scroll all the way to bottom of course tools to "send email". One of the most frequently used options that I'm sure a faculty member uses. Could you please consider just calling this option "Email" so it is higher up. Again, don't make me have to scroll through a list of 30 things that I NEVER use to access the email option!

    These become even more frustrating when in general Blackboard is so slow. Loading a new page is never instant. So even though these things might seem small, me having to do extra steps for routine is unnerving and not helping me be more efficient


    Thanks for considering these ideas! I really appreciate you having a place to make suggestions.

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