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Idea created by kupresanin99 on Nov 17, 2017
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    Hello Community,

    We have a statistics course with large pools of similar homework questions.  I wrote all the content for the course using Tests / Pools / Surveys, mostly numeric input from the students for answers. 

    When students need to ask an instructor a question from home, they typically are copy / pasting the question text into an email, or taking cell phone photos and emailing those, or trying to type in the entire question from memory. 

    Can we please create an "Ask my instructor" button for user-created HW problems that will generate an email from the student to the instructor and also auto-generate a copy of the entire problem in the email? 

    Our Math 127 course has over 800 instructor-created stat questions created under Tests / Pools / Surveys and this feature will surely improve the conversation on both ends many times over.


    Joe Kupresanin

    Professor of Mathematics

    Cecil College

    PS - If this is already possible, please point me in the right direction!

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