Add versioning to Goals & Goals management

Idea created by lhives on Nov 16, 2017
    Under review

    Hi folks,


    We would love to be able to auto-assign goals to assessments based on external data (eg. from a subject outline or curriculum system). In order to do this though, the goals tool would need to support versioning across terms so that when a goal is updated, it is only applied to the subjects in the terms from the indicated effective term (until a new version of the goal is set). At the moment this could be done by creating a new goal set each term. The problem is that the instructor would need to re-associate them all over again. This manual processing is what we're trying to avoid as its one of the main deterrents of using the tool. Perhaps the goals could be managed in the content system rather than the current administrator tool.


    The other useful thing might be to have a tool so that goals can be associated and managed without having to navigate to each assessment or content item (similar to what you did to manage dates).

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