Color Palette Choices for Learn 2016 Theme in Original Experience

Idea created by abcarter on Nov 15, 2017
    Under review

    Our faculty are asking for an approved palette of accessible color choices for the menu in the Learn 2016 theme. They are comfortable not having the buttons anymore and even comfortable not having the graphics from the older themes, but they are getting confused jumping from one class to the other. Our instructors use the colors of the menus to be a visual cue on which course they are working in at a given point in time.

    For example, we have a biology instructor who teaches the same course hybrid and online. The announcements and posts are different in each since one has some face-to-face meetings and the others do not. They also run on different calendars. If she gets confused between courses she may accidentally post the wrong information to the wrong course.


    Somewhere between 5-10 approved colors would be great. I do not believe we have any instructors who would run into a situation where they would need more than 10 different colors in a given semester at this time.

    I am interested in hearing other people's feedback on this as well. I have heard rumor something like this was coming to Ultra, but it is very much needed in Original for the Learn 2016 theme to achieve faculty satisfaction and buy-in on the new look and feel.

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