Add Collaborate Ultra metrics back to metric report on

Idea created by rc0040346 on Nov 13, 2017
    Under review

    My request is for Blackboard to add Collaborate Ultra metrics back to the metric report for Collaborate admins on .


    Or, create a link for a metric report for just  Collaborate Ultra. Or, If you are going to distinguish between the two, Why stop there? Give users the option to run all reports for both Collaborate Classic and Ultra.


    Another option would be to make Collaborate Ultra admin site with data specifically for that platform only.


    Please fix this loss of functionality as soon as possible.  We rely on it weekly to report on the usage of Collaborate at UM. As it currently stands, there is no efficient way to aggregate session metrics for Collaborate Ultra here at UM.  We use these metrics to justify continuing to pay for Blackboard Collaborate.  If we cannot accurately and efficiently report on the usage of Collaborate, we cannot, in good conscience, recommend that the University continue to pay to license it.


    Thank you for hearing my request.

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