Add an Assignments Hub

Idea created by jeremybbauer on Nov 9, 2017
    Under review

    Right now, the Assignments tool works differently in Blackboard Learn than any other tool, in that it does not have it's own hub where users can view/edit all assignments in a course space. This makes assignments vulnerable, as they can be easily deleted. With quizzes, discussion boards, blogs, etc., there is a separate hub in a course space where users can view/edit/create that tool content. When a quiz, discussion board, blog, etc. is added to a content folder, it's actually a link to the item and not the actual item. If that link is deleted by accident, then the item is still safe and secure. Since Assignments doesn't have its own hub, if an assignment is deleted, it's really deleted from the course space with only recorded scores remaining (submissions, whether they're paired with recorded scores or not, are lost). Depending on the Bb Learn implementation, deleted assignments may not be easily recovered. If Assignments had it's own hub, it would add the extra layer of protection from accidents afforded to content from the quiz/discussion board/blog/etc. tools.

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