Pyramid - Course Activity - Course User Available

Idea created by Ian Holder on Nov 7, 2017
    Under review

    Hello Analytics Gurus,


    I have just discovered through a Behind-the-Blackboard request that Course User Available in the Course Activity perspective actually keeps its historic values across dates.  That is pretty neat.


    However, it does stop me doing something.


    I was creating a dashboard of students who have logged into their course site previously, but have not logged on in the past "x" days, where x is a variable, for our Student Services division.  With some help from the Pyramid community, I managed to get this working.  However, students no longer in courses are appearing.  And if I select Course User Available as a slicer or subset, it does show these now-unavailable students as they were once available in the course.


    I cannot use the Student Course Summary perspective, which has the current Course User Available value, as it does not have dates of access.  And, unless I've missed it (if I have how embarrassing!) I cannot find another hierarchy to help.


    Could there be the possibility of introducing the current "availability status" of the user in the course as another hierarchy we could use?


    Thanks; any questions let me know,

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