Expiring Guest User Accounts

Idea created by st0069572 on Nov 7, 2017
    Under review

    Our institution works with some outside groups that need access to Blackboard for a limited time that aren't part of our Institution's account system. Right now we are creating Username_guest users in blackboard and enrolling them in courses with special access. But then we have to keep track of them and set reminders to remove them after X days. I wasn't able to find any previous ideas for a feature to set user accounts to expire or become inactive/inaccessible after a set number of days or after a set time. Would streamline our process here greatly!


    We are using Blackboard Learn Release 3100.0.1-rel.117+6ef1843, 2016 theme, Q4 2016 CU3.


    Nancy Collison may be able to expand on our use-case is necessary.

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