Private notifications

Idea created by sb36013 on Nov 3, 2017
    Under review



    I'd like to propose a setting to allow notifications only for private chat messages.


    One scenario where this would be useful is as follows: Suppose a presenter is giving a webinar to a large audience (say 100 participants), and is assisted by a facilitator (who has moderator role). The facilitator is filtering all the incoming questions from participants on chat, and feeding selected questions to the presenter.


    In such a scenario, the facilitator needs a way to be able to communicate with the presenter privately, which they can do via private chat. However, the facilitator currently has no way to catch the presenter's attention, if the presenter is in full flow and not looking at their chat window.


    One solution would be to add a separate notification setting: "Someone posts a private chat message". A user who turned this on, but turned off the general notification for "Someone posts a chat message", would only get notifications if someone addresses them directly.



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