Safe Assign: list of accepted file extensions

Idea created by goh.ian on Nov 3, 2017
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    From one of our faculty:

    I have used Safe Assign in one of my courses and it performed as I expected. One of the limitations to using Safe Assign in a course such as mine is that Safe Assign does not recognize the particular extension of the files the students submit for their assignments, vhd and vhdl in this case. Even though the submitted files have a different extension, they are still ASCII files and are not different than an ASCII file with a txt extension, for example. I realize that a workaround would be to ask students to submit their files as txt extensions, but that burdens the students to convert the extension of all their files and could result in multiple versions of the solution, as students may make changes to their designs for resubmission. It may also burden the instructors to cross-reference all submitted files to make sure the txt files were submitted and that they do match the vhd/vhdl files. Without knowing the details of how Safe Assign was developed or how it works, it almost seems simpler if the developers of Safe Assign could add one more extension to their list of accepted files. Since these files are ASCII based, the format is very similar, if not exactly the same, as txt files.

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