Align Discussion deletion process to Content Area deletion model

Idea created by ck0068932 on Oct 26, 2017
    Under review

    Currently, when deleting a Content Area from the Course Menu in Bb Learn, there is a multi-step confirmation process in which the user is clearly warned that the action is irreversible. By contrast, when deleting a Discussion forum, there is a single warning that all of the contained posts will be deleted with a simple "OK/Cancel" choice. It is a single warning (the type of alert dialog that most people blow right through without reading) and no indication that the deletion is final/irreversible. See this video for a demonstration of the differences between the two processes: Content Area vs. Discussion Deletion Experience


    In the interest of providing a more consistent experience to instructors and course builders, I would recommend that the Discussion deletion process be updated to mirror the current Content Area deletion process.



    Chad Kealey

    Drexel University IT

    Product Version (if applicable):0