Presentation Widgets/Layouts

Idea created by lhives on Oct 23, 2017
    Under review

    One of the issues we've had for many many years is the WYSIWYG and the difficulty in manipulating content added directly to a page in Blackboard. What we would really love is a tool that allows the instructors to:

    1. choose a pre-defined layout for their content
    2. drop widgets or pre-built ui pieces into the layout, using forms to customise them.

    The idea is to reduce the need for educators to know any HTML or CSS in order to lay the content out in the best way possible for the end user experience and learning. Some examples of the types of layouts may be something like:

    • Three column
    • Three with feature box
    • Two column
    • Two column with feature box
    • Single column
    • Single column with feature box
    • Grid with headline

    Then you may have widgets like:

    • Tooltip content reveal tile
    • Popover content reveal tile
    • Accordion content reveal tile
    • Flashcard content reveal tile
    • Collapse content reveal tile
    • Thumbnail with expanded image in lightbox
    • Table with options
    • Image with/without caption
    • Alert with a few types
    • Card
    • Carousel
    • Jumbotron
    • Indicator icons with text
    • Video embed
    • Web tool embed box
    • Video/image background strip
    • Poll box
    • Comment box

    I'm sure others can think of more widgets.

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