Continue to Bb course/URL after shibboleth authentication

Idea created by clarkshahnelson on Oct 23, 2017
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    Hi there,

    I'm not sure if this is specific to our institution's Shibboleth authentication, or Blackboard or what, but here goes:


    Let's say an instructor is in her Bb course and has a question. She copies the URL to her course home page, which may look something like this:…

    and she emails that to me.  I click on the link in my email, while not logged in to Bb at all, the following occurs :



    1. I am taken to the Shibboleth authentication page " Authentication for Blackboard" - click red button 
    2. I log in with my credentials (successfully)
    3. I am taken to a page with a big red "Access Denied" sign Access Denied
      Access to this resource is prohibited. Date/time stamp.
    4. If I click "OK" in the lower right corner, I am then taken to a page with this: - a dead end.
      You may be seeing this page because you used the Back button while browsing..." - whatever, this is a local institutional page.


    Anyway, I have to go back and click the link again to get directly to it.  Or I would have needed to first authenticate to Bb and THEN click the link to the course from the email.


    I am just wondering if there is any configuration whereby this behavior can be changed, so that after authentication, Bb will successfully continue to the link/destination that was originally clicked, without requiring the user to backtrack and re-click the link OR to authenticate to Bb first, before clicking a URL link.


    Or is this a behavior that is always going to need to be tolerated due to Shibboleth/Blackboard?

    Is it the fault of Shibboleth, or Blackboard, or both?


    The desired functionality is that after step #2 above, I would end up in the course I originally clicked to.


    Thank you!

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