Additional detail in Activity stream

Idea created by cb0055726 on Oct 23, 2017
    Under review

    Opening on behalf of CUHK.


    We would like to request increased detail in the Learn Activity Stream in browser view (Ultra experience) to align it with what is currently available in the Blackboard App.


    There is currently a difference in the way content is presented to a user in the activity stream via the Blackboard App vs within the browser view in the Ultra experience.

    When viewing the activity stream on the Blackboard App, students will be informed that content has been added, and they can then click “Show” to see a complete listing off all updated content in their course(s).

    For example, the app will say ‘5 items added’ and a list of the specific items that were updated will be viewable beneath the course name.

    When viewing the stream in a browser, the user will be informed that “new content has been added”, however full details around what has been added will not be provided on this screen.

    The user must click on the link and be taken to their course to find the updated content.


    Having the functionality of the Activity Stream aligned across the App and the Browser would result in a more streamlined experience for our users.

    Product Version (if applicable):1