"My announcements/more announcements..." sort order should be visually clear

Idea created by bb0048849 on Oct 20, 2017
    Under review

    The list of announcements is currently ordered by course and within each course the order is "newest first".


    I do not see the value of sorting per course. Especially because all courses from all terms are in the list and you end up with a complete random list of announcements from your entire time enrolled at the institution. Moreover, the course name is only presented in tiny font to the far right and is bound to be overlooked.


    I suggest that announcements are only ordered by their start (publish) date and that for each it is clearly marked which course or organization is came from.


    It seems that system announcements for Everyone are always listed at the top, which can be argued for , but also here it should be very clear where they come from and why they are at the top.


    Regards, Birgitte

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