New Options for Issuer Name in Achievements Tool

Idea created by nw36683 on Oct 18, 2017
    Under review

    Hello All,


    Our university currently houses multiple affiliates on the same production server. We manage our courses and their courses using node structures within the institutional hierarchy. It recently came to our attention that one of our affiliates was trying to implement Achievements in some of their courses, but while doing so, they noticed that it was our university's name that appeared on the certificate. It turns out that the Issuer Name for the Achievements Tool was set to Organization and locked to our name. In submitting a ticket to Behind the Blackboard to see what options we had, it appears that the only option at the moment is to set the Issuer Name to Courses which would unlock the name and allow anyone to edit it at the course level when setting up Achievements. Unfortunately, this amount of freedom is too much.


    In reaction to this, I am proposing two possible changes/updates:


    1. In addition to the Organization and Courses options at the system level, add a third option that would allow the institution to designate multiple Issuer Names for users to choose from. Then when setting up achievements at the Course level, users could select from the designated Issuer Names via a dropdown menu.


    2. Allow for the ability to set the Issuer Name at the node level. This would allow for system admins to turn on Achievements at the node level (which is possible), and then customize the Issuer Name for that specific node.


    I believe that adding these features will help make the Achievements Tool more universal and usable.


    Thank You,


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