Provide parity of functionality between new Box view and Crocodoc view

Idea created by mdeeprose on Oct 18, 2017
    Under review

    With the new Box view marking interface some features that were in Crocodoc will not be available, in particular:


    - students / staff will not be able to download a PDF of the annotated document, they can only download the original submission  (useful for providing an independent record of feedback)

    - staff will not be able to use the same annotation features e.g. free drawing (this is particularly useful for STEM subjects who like to draw over student submissions (e.g. formulae / diagram / charts)


    To ensure equivalence of experience, particularly in view of the change being made half way through the traditional academic year, moving users over to an interface that misses key features of the previous interface is a suboptimal experience and likely to arouse negative feedback from our users.

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