New submission deletes old submission (error)

Idea created by n998t887 on Oct 17, 2017
    Under review

    This is actually an error. When I submitted a file on blackboard then blackboard directed me to a page where i can review my submission. In that page, there is a button "Make a new submission" I don't remember the correct name of that button but it should have the same meaning. When i clicked it. After working on the new submission for awhile (adding comments under the file submission) I decided i would like to keep the old submission instead of this new submission. So, i press the cancel button without submitting. When i went back to check a day later i saw no file was submitted. This can be explained that when i pressed the button "Make a new submission" the system automatically deletes my old submission. This is not a good ideal. I mean not a single software I've used do this. As an example, in Microsoft Office, when i already save a file and i hit the button "New file" it will make a completely new file without overwriting the old file. This error must be fixed, otherwise, someone needs to mention this so others won't make the same mistake as me.

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