Allow instructor to set test to "resume" and allow more time as needed

Idea created by feeney.linda on Oct 17, 2017
    Under review

    I have searched through the community and various posts have touched on pieces of this idea. I thought it might be good to start a "clean" suggestion.


    About a week back, we experienced a very brief service disruption. The source has not yet been determined. At the time of the disruption there were a handful of students who were taking tests. In the case of any course assessments, we always send the student to the instructor for any necessary intervention. This disruption happened at about 5:30 pm. In most cases, by the time the students were able to reach their instructors, the time on the test had run out. (Some were set to Force Completion, some not).


    The instructor can clear the attempt, but it means that the student will need to start the test over from the beginning. There should be a "resume" option along with an option to provide additional time, if needed. Why should the student have to re-take the whole exam again because of a network or system hiccup?

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