Moodlerooms: Admin Reports accessible by non-administrators

Idea created by lp0068916 on Oct 16, 2017
    Under review

    I am submitting this idea on behalf of TAFE SA.


    Currently the Admin Reports (part of Moodlerooms Reports) is only accessible by Site Administrators. This presents a problem if you want to selectively select roles to have access to this feature.


    It is proposed that access to this feature should be defined by a Moodle capability that can set at a role level. Ideally, there should be two capabilities, one for read access (the ability to run the stored SQL reports that have been previously defined), and one for full access (the ability to run any SQL and create new SQL reports).


    If that is considered too much of a privacy or security risk, then the single capability to run predefined SQL queries would be second best.


    These capabilities should be disabled by default.


    The use case for this feature is if a user needs access to a custom report but are too low level to be given full administrator rights. For example, a department may need to run a custom report themselves at a frequent interval.


    Best Regards,

    Lloyd Powell

    Configuration Consultant, Moodlerooms

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